For safe use

Safety Instruction

Please read the following “Safety Instruction” before assembly and operation.

  • Please follow the manual for assembly and processing.
  • Laser radiation is dangerous.Please be careful for fire, burn, damages for eyes.
  • Do not turn the power on when the radiator is not facing down.
  • Please place a board to protect the desk when the power is on.
  • Please wear the protection glasses when the power is on. Do not look at the laser radiationeven with the protection glasses.
  • Do not turn the power on until assembly is completed.
  • Do not put in your body part into the processing area while laser is being radiated.
  • Do not leave the machine with power on.
  • Do not move the machine with power on. Unplug when moving the machine.
  • Do not let children come near the machine.
  • Follow rules and regulations when using.
  • Make sure that the material you are processing does not emit toxic substances when heated.
  • Do not wet the machine body and the plug.
  • Do not put flammable materials near the machine.
  • Some materials emit smoke and odor when being processed. Please ventilate the room or usedust collector.
  • Do not operate if screws or nuts are loose.
  • Do not place the machine on unstable surface.
  • If you feel something abnormal, stop the operation immediately and unplug.


We do not bear any responsibility for damages, injuries, accidents, and fire caused by the use of this product. We also do not bear any responsibility for the following:

  • Damages, injuries, accidents, fires caused by the use of the machine and failures of parts.
  • Damages caused by not following the instructions
  • Damages caused by remodeling of the machine and using along with softwares or machines that we are not involved.