【Extension Option】3.5W Laser Head


This kit allows to upgrade processing power of FABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model) to 3.5W.

This item includes PCB board.



Upgrading Processing Power

 ■ Cutting Even Thicker Materials

For example, 1.6W laser head only cuts materials up to 2mm, while 3.5W laser head cuts up to 4mm.

■ Improving Cutting Speed/Time

When cutting a plywood under the same condition, 3.5W laser head does its job in 1/2 time compared to 1.6 laser head. However, there is no significant difference on processable materials. (For instance, clear acrylic is difficult to cut both with 1.6W and 3.5W laser.)

*This product's processing quality depends on assembly and setting environment.