(Old model)Smart Laser Mini


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The Smart Laser Mini is an open source, ready to assemble, desktop laser cutter and engraver. While compact, it can engrave and cut a range of materials.


  • Cutting area : 280*230mm
  • Laser : 1.6W Laser Diode 445nm
  • Support Processing : Vector engraving, Raster engraving
  • Support OS : Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10, Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi
  • Support Browser : Chrome, FireFox
  • Support File : SVG, DXF
  • Accessories : USB Cable、AC Adapter, Laser Safety Glasses, Hexagon Wrench, 8mm Wrench
  • Power : AC100V-240V
  • size : 510*480*140mm(Not included cable)
  • operating temperature : Under 30 degree
  • continuous operating time : Under 30 minutes
  • Weight : About 2.8kg

This may change with time.


The laser is extremely powerful and can cause fires, burns or visual impairment.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or fires of any kind as a result of operating the laser.

This kit contains a class 4 laser. To comply with your local laws and regulations you may need to alter or extend the construction. Operate the laser with maximum responsibility to yourself and others. In addition to the enclosed safety glasses you might consider a housing or separate room for responsible and safe operation.